The Chicago Scene Boat Party is the most talked-about powerboating event of the summer in Chicago. Each year 500-1000 boats tie-up with over 10,000 attendees experiencing the incredible event. All of the boats are privately owned by some of Chicago’s most prominent, and successful professionals. Boats of all shapes and sizes come out to the event and everyone is loaded up with people ready to have a great time.

As you can see in the photos below, it’s a sight to behold. Beautiful people, expensive boats, and all set in front of an incredible Chicago skyline.

The Chicago Scene Boat Party has been featured in; the New York Times, Chicago Magazine’s Annual “Best of Chicago” list, Motor Boating Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times called it “A Floating Mardi Gras” party.

We expect this year’s party to be even bigger and better than in the past. We have a Pre Party on Friday night the day before the party and a post-party on Sunday. Stay tuned for more information about everything we have in store.

Boats come from all over southern Lake Michigan and people fly in from all over the country to attend this amazing event.

This party is the most incredible event ever to occur on Lake Michigan. Chicago’s top DJ’s spin the hottest music as people dance and party all day long. The “A” List people of Chicago come out every year to enjoy the event.


Your company name/logo will be seen on thousands of premium products given out before and during the event. This includes “Save The Date” items given out leading up to the party. In addition, your name and logos will be seen on our websites, emails & Social Media sites for months before and after the event. You will also be featured on official Boat Party flags that hundreds of boats will be flying. Please contact Ted Widen for more information at 312-587-3474

Official Boat party Flag

Don’t forget to grab your Boat Party flags they will be available on our website soon. This year we plan to offer 3 different sizes.


Top Boat

Our recent boat party